About Rangrasiya welfare foundation

5 Years of Experiences

Empowering Women, Enriching Communities

About Rangrasiya Welfare Foundation

Rangrasiya Welfare Foundation is a pioneering organization committed to empowering women and creating positive social change. Founded with the vision of transforming lives, we provide free training programs in various creative disciplines, such as macrame, makeup, tailoring, embroidery, and more. By equipping women with valuable skills, we enable them to secure jobs and gain financial independence. Our mission is fueled by a deep belief in equality and inclusivity, as we strive to uplift communities and build a better, more empowered world for all.

Empowering through Education

Teaching Women with Passion and Expertise

We provide comprehensive training in various skills, nurturing women’s talents.

Creating Job Opportunities

Unlocking Career Paths for Women

Upon completion, we offer fulfilling job opportunities, ensuring financial independence.


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Mr. sunil Kumar

Visionary Leader. Driving Empowerment Forward

Meet Sunil Kumar, a kind-hearted visionary residing in Jaipur. With unwavering compassion, he leads Rangrasiya Foundation, dedicating himself to empowering women. Sunil’s commitment to creating a brighter future shines through his tireless efforts in providing education, employment, and opportunities for women to flourish and transform their lives.

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